Snow and Rock

Cape Town, South Africa

A Wonder of Nature




Snow and Rock

Back in January 2016, we travelled to Cape Town, South Africa, in order to shoot summer footage in the depths of the UK winter. Cape Town is a very cost effective solution for shooting summer in our winter, and proved to be of unbeatable value in 2016, as the Rand was particularly weak against the Pound.

Part of this production was to shoot Clinton Martinengo, one of South Africa’s legendary rock climbers. His appetite for all forms of rock climbing knows no bounds and he has been at the top of the pile for well over a decade.

This behind the scenes video gives a little insight into how we use technology to produce imagery in the most extreme places. Here at Merci Visual, we believe in testing and using the latest technology, such as the Surface Pro 4 along with Capture One Pro 9, to give us a workflow on the mountain that you would only expect to find in a studio.

Our new Sony cameras are proving to be a much smaller and lighter solution, while also giving us higher resolution and greater image quality than ever before. This has been a huge leap in camera technology and one that adventure sport photography has been waiting for.

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