Jacot Chocolatier

Swiss chocolate in it's finest detail

A delicious brand repositioning


Brand strategy • Web development • Visual content • Stills photography • Video production • Point of sale • Packaging • Offline marketing


Jacot Chocolatier


The brief: Jacot asked Merci to reposition its brand in the Swiss market, looking at their full range of marketing and sales activity, with the ultimate goal of improving both Swiss and international sales.

The solution: Merci worked closely with Jacot to really understand the brand’s personality and passion for what it does, and translate this passion into a successful brand strategy. We developed a responsive new website for the brand, with a complete overhaul of the user experience and interface, making it easy and clear for the customer to explore the product range and complete online purchases. In addition, we produced a visual campaign for the brand, including both stills photography and film, plus a full product-based visual campaign, too.

Merci also created an offline strategy for Jacot, including point of sale, in store decoration, merchandising and packaging.


Web development

Front-end design including UI and UX analysis

Video production

From story writing, directing and filming. We delivered every role.

Stills photography

Visual assets captured for use on all campaigns.

Copy writing

Help with written content across all campaigns and website build.

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