Hotel Le Chabichou

Content strategy in Courchevel

Luxury in the Alpine mountains


Web development • Video production • Stills photography • Copywriting


Hotel Le Chabichou

The brief: Create and deliver a new strategy for Le Chabichou’s website and visual content, to better reflect the family-owned, luxury experience of the hotel.

The solution: We brought Le Chabichou to life with a bespoke, premium feeling new website, that enables visitors to effortlessly discover the personality and experience offered by the hotel. Plus, discover their choices as a guest and ultimately book a stay, time and time again.

A vital part of this solution was the tactical inclusion of high-end, strategically-planned visuals. In particular, video content. Research has shown that while only 20% of visitors to a website will read the text on the landing page, 80% will watch a video. And there’s no better way to convey the emotional experience of staying in Le Chabichou, as well as give viewers an insight into all areas of the hotel and the experience of being a guest, than a cleverly directed and edited film. A film that draws visitors in to its world, and ultimately converts them into customers.

But what makes an effective video? A series of alluring shots of your property is not enough. An effective video tells a story, it takes the viewer on a journey, and taps into their emotions. Watch the Le Chabichou film below, and see for yourself…

Web development

Front-end design including UI and UX analysis

Video production

From story writing, directing and filming. We delivered every role.

Stills photography

Visual assets captured for use on all campaigns.

Copy writing

Help with written content across all campaigns and website build.

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