LA TANIA: Les 3 Vallées best kept secret

LA TANIA: Les 3 Vallées best kept secret
23rd June 2015 Merci Visual

At the heart of an exceptional skiing area, La Tania needs to shout loudly about its unique personality, in order to stand out next to its famous neighbours, such as Courchevel, Les Ménuires, Méribel and Val Thorens.


Brand image

La Tania renewed its visual identity through the introduction of a new logo, designed to rejuvenate its image and highlight the resorts key values, its positioning and communicate a clear message to its target audience.

La Tania , like the den of the bear, is the secret hide away of the 3 valleys.
The bear has become the icon of its preserved nature, and its engaging and friendly spirit.

La Tania’s new identity, created by Merci, embodies the unique character of the resort, bringing to life its dynamic personality and core values​​:

– Its DNA: the mountain
– An intimate, low-key resort
– Family orientated, warm atmosphere
– Ideally located and offers a magnificent ski area