Interactive shoppable videos

Interactive shoppable videos
11th January 2018 Merci Visual

Interactive shoppable video

For brands wanting to find new ways to engage customers and drive revenue, there are some exciting developments afoot in the world of interactive videos.

The case for brands using video content to engage consumers has already been made. Research continues to show that consumers are more likely to buy after watching a product video (64-85% more likely, according to Kissmetrics reports). As the capabilities of platforms increase, so do the opportunities to create a smoother and more effective path to sales conversion, closing the gap between desire and actually clicking ‘buy’.  

The obvious next step in this journey is shoppable videos. Giving viewers a new, interactive way to shop. The challenge, however, is to do this without impacting on your videos’ aesthetic value. That’s why it’s important to create shoppable videos with the interaction in mind right from the start of the project – making the user experience easy and fun.

If you’re looking to find new ways to engage with customers, build brand reputation and drive revenue, then read on to find out more…

Product hotspots

‘Hotspots’ are the interactive elements in the video. They appear in strategic places during the film. If the viewer chooses to click on one of them then this triggers an action, such as a pop up window opening to show your product. These hotspots can be added to anything and be placed anywhere in your video! However, the viewer can still enjoy the film without having their experience interrupted if they choose not to interact.

Pop-up iframes

With the addition of an iframe inside a hotspot, it’s now easier than ever to direct viewers straight to your shop, without ever actually having to leave the video. Once the iframe is closed, the viewer can then continue to watch the film. Of course, if you did want to direct viewers to your store in a separate pop out window, this could also be done.   

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