Let viewers explore your world with 360º video

Let viewers explore your world with 360º video
23rd February 2018 Merci Visual

Take control of your viewing experience, with 360º video technology

What do you get when you combine a GoPro Fusion camera, a robot dolly and a Macbook Pro? Well, intrepid readers, you get a fully interactive 360º film, with an uninterrupted field of view.

360º video enables viewers to explore the world around them from all angles and directions. The technology is easy to deploy and hugely effective at increasing engagement and positive purchasing decisions, with a longer viewing time than regular video and a higher click through rate. The viewers’ experience really is the next best thing to actually being in the space, whether that’s a hotel, destination or at your event. Basically, any product that revolves around real world experiences.

Check out the below example, showcasing this technology.

The technology

We used the 360º format before; creating a game off the back of our film for Les Arcs ski resort. The Fusion camera has a friendlier-than-usual workflow for 360º video, which was very appealing and an ideal 360º camera to try out for the event. However, we decided that we didn’t want the presence of someone in the video holding the camera and therefore restricting the field of view for the viewer. So, we opted to look for another way to use the camera…

Virtual tours

The robot dolly allowed us to move through Platf9rm (our venue) without someone holding the camera, giving the viewer the full 360º field of view and making you feel much more like you’re in the space. We controlled the robot dolly remotely using a Macbook Pro, which allowed us to remain hidden from the view of the camera. Armed with this unique setup, we were able to document some of night’s social event, without getting in the way of the action.

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